Our Vice President of Technology, Dr. Juha Anttila had the privilege of visiting Siemens’ podcast “Kilpajuoksu aikaa vastaan” a while back. During the over half an hour episode Anttila discussed matters on our technology and processes as well as our sustainability, among others.

Our technology is viable for numerous solutions, as it can be utilized for bioethanol, fibers, and adhesives just to give a few examples. Although not in our current scope, the versatility of our processes was interestingly illustrated with a specific case from the field of medicine.

– Instead of bioethanol, our cellulose can be processed into almost any other chemical. With our technology we have processed Chinese wheat straw, which was made into sugars and further even into penicillin for our customer, Anttila explains.

Additionally, in June we announced the start of collaborative piloting activities with Origin by Ocean. In the process, we are utilizing algae in producing bio-based products.

Chempolis’ impact to the society was also touched upon in the podcast. An integral problem we strive to tackle, especially in India, is the harm caused by burning straw. The feedstock is generally burned in the fields, which causes major air pollution to the surroundings. Utilizing the straw in other ways, like in producing biofuels, could thus contain the air pollution but also reduce carbon emissions. In addition, there are social and economic benefits in our activities.

– Sourcing the straw will bring work and wellbeing to the local areas. Overall, our purpose is that our technology benefits all parties involved, Anttila elaborates.

Listen to the full episode from the link below (only in Finnish):

Chempolis | Alkaako biojalostuksen vallankumous Oulussa? | Kilpajuoksu aikaa vastaan | Siemens.FM