A true biorefining expert

Chempolis is a renowned provider of groundbreaking biorefining technologies for energy, biofuel, oil, paper and chemical industries. Chempolis’ formico® technologies turn biomass into high-quality products profitably and responsibly

Chempolis’ biorefining processes

are designed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize social benefits. Our green reach is global and our technologies offer a 30 percent better cash flow and a significantly shorter payback period than competition.

Chempolis’ technologies enable

bioethanol, dissolving pulp, cellulosic sugars, biochemicals and sulfur free lignin to be produced from all lignocellulosic raw materials: hardwood and softwood, non-wood and non-food biomasses such as straw, bagasse, corn stover, grasses, Empty Fruit Bunch and bamboo.

Chempolis’ business model

is to license biorefining technologies and to provide related services. Our dedication to create clean and efficient solutions has resulted in more than 100 granted patents over the years.

Chempolis is constructing

a pioneering biorefinery in India. It will be the first biorefinery in the world producing cellulosic ethanol and bio based chemicals from bamboo. The total investment in the new biorefinery is 160 million euros.

Chempolis’ concept was invented

at our state of the art biorefinery in Oulu, Finland. It enables us to give our customers and partners a first-hand look at what our groundbraking biomass refining technologies can offer and provides us with an optimal facility for piloting R&D work.


PRESS RELEASE: The collaboration between Chempolis and Fortum is deepening

PRESS RELEASE: The collaboration between Chempolis and Fortum is deepening

Biorefining company Chempolis and energy company Fortum have signed a collaboration agreement until 2023.

Under the agreement, Chempolis will perform test runs of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin samples for Fortum´s needs at its test facility in Oulu, as well as engineering work for commercial biorefinery projects. Samples are prepared using Chempolis’ patented fractionation technology. With the agreement, Chempolis will up to 20 times the sample production capacity at the Oulu plant. The agreement will have a significant impact on Chempolis’ personnel recruitment needs.

TIEDOTE: Chempoliksen ja Fortumin yhteistyö syvenee

TIEDOTE: Chempoliksen ja Fortumin yhteistyö syvenee

Biojalostusyhtiö Chempolis ja energiayhtiö Fortum ovat allekirjoittaneet vuoteen 2023 ulottuvan yhteistyösopimuksen.

Chempolis suorittaa sopimuksen puitteissa Oulussa sijaitsevassa koelaitoksessaan Fortumin tarpeisiin muun muassa selluloosa-, hemiselluloosa- ja ligniininäytteiden koeajoja sekä suunnittelutöitä kaupallisiin biojalostamohankkeisiin. Näytteiden valmistus tehdään Chempoliksen patentoimalla fraktiointiteknologialla. Sopimuksen myötä Chempolis jopa 20-kertaistaa näytteidentuotannon kapasiteetin Oulun laitoksessa. Sopimuksella on merkittävä vaikutus Chempoliksen henkilöstön rekrytointitarpeisiin.