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Origin by Ocean and Chempolis have joined forces to demonstrate and fasttrack the commercialisation of the Nauvu®- Biorefinery process

by | May 16, 2022 | News

The cooperation aims to perform piloting of the patented production processes developed by Origin by Ocean at Chempolis Demonstration plant in Oulu. The parties are committed to continue the cooperation beyond the initial piloting activities.

In Nauvu® biorefineries, Origin by Ocean will isolate various components from different naturally occurring algaes to create new sustainable and commercially valuable ingredients.

− With these products we can create a truly feasible regenerative business by removing nutrients from the oceans and to enable our customers to replace oil-based ingredients. This cooperation with Chempolis plays an important role for us by enabling the demonstration of our production process both efficiently and at scale. We see great value in this partnership that eventually leads to the engineering and construction phase of our industrial production facility, explains Heikki Heiskanen, Chief Operating Activist from Origin by Ocean.

Chempolis has strong and concrete experience in developing and scaling processes, as well as running industrial biorefinery production from various lignocellulosic feedstocks.

– Our biorefining processes are designed to minimise environmental impacts and maximise social benefits while being very competitive compared to alternative solutions. In our biorefinery plant in Oulu, we can offer a state-of-the-art production environment for testing and developing various process alternatives. Based on the already done first successful piloting tests with Origin by Ocean, we see that Nauvu® biorefinery process can be feasibly piloted and demonstrated in our existing facility. We are happy to offer our expertise and process infrastructure to Origin by Ocean, says Keijo Hytönen, General Manager Oulu Site from Chempolis.

About Origin by Ocean

Origin by Ocean, founded in 2019, is a platform-based algae refining company. Their patented biorefining process makes it possible to extract valuable bio-based chemicals from harvested invasive algae and ecologically farmed seaweed. The organic algae-based products can substitute conventional chemical ingredients in food & beverage, cosmetics, hygiene, textiles and many other goods and materials. Their algae harvesting platform can provide livelihoods to coastal entrepreneurs across the world, starting with the Baltic Sea and the Caribbean, while clearing eutrophied oceans of polluting nutrients. Read more at:

About Chempolis

Chempolis is a renowned provider of biorefining technologies from lignocellulose-based based raw materials in the field of energy, biofuel, oil, paper, textile and chemical industries and companies. Chempolis’ own processes are designed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize social benefits. The Chempolis biorefinery is located at Chempolis’ main hub of innovation in Oulu, Finland, where it offers full-scale testing services for our key clients and partners. Read more at:

Further information

Keijo Hytönen

Chempolis Oy, General Manager Oulu Site
tel. +358 40 847 6529

Heikki Heiskanen

Origin by Ocean, Chief Operating Activist
+358 44 370 2994

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