Chempolis Oy has been selected to the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s top 30 list of Circular Solutions for Nature. The list is a part of Sitra’s open call for applications, where they were looking for the most interesting European companies with circular economy solutions tackling biodiversity loss.

The selected companies represent pioneering examples on how businesses can combine nature benefits with new business opportunities. The selection criteria assessed the circular business model and its economic viability, along with the company’s track record and potential for positive nature impacts. For example, Chempolis’ strengths lie in how the solution can create more value out of residual materials and reduce the need for virgin materials.

Sitra’s list includes companies from 8 European countries. The whole list was officially announced in the World Circular Economy Forum 2024, taking place in Brussels on the 15th and 16th of April.

The top 30 list including the companies and their solutions can be accessed here. Chempolis’ case description in brief can be accessed here.

Empowering nature by valorizing residuals

Chempolis applied to the list with its unique biorefinery concept and formico® fractionation technology. With Chempolis’ technology, the residual biomasses can be valorized into high-quality materials for several fields, such as textile and chemical industries.

The biorefineries are based on utilizing biomass that is available near the plant vicinities on a sustainable basis. The biorefineries also generate additional revenue streams for local stakeholders, such as farmers, in cases where agricultural straw residue is utilized as the feedstock. Moreover, by seeking collaborative industrial ecosystems where actors share resources like material side streams, Chempolis aims to further enhance resource efficiency and support the transition towards circular economy.

Chempolis’ technology is well-suited for producing eco-friendly and cost-competitive products out of various lignocellulosic feedstocks. These high-quality, sustainable products can be used for several applications, which allows for a more significant contribution to replacing fossil materials.

For further information, please contact:
Heli Antila, CEO, Chempolis Oy
tel. +358 40 571 7188