Chempolis President and CEO Markus Alholm gave a speech at India-Europe Business & Sustainability Conclave held in New Delhi on 28 February 2023.

by | Mar 1, 2023 | News

Markus Alholm President and CEO of Chempolis was invited to India-Europe Business & Sustainability Conclave held in New Delhi on 28 February 2023.

Mr. Markus Alholm’s speech at the India-Europe Business & Sustainability Conclave

Thank you, for the kind invite to this important event.

Your Excellencies–Ladies and Gentlemen.

As many of you know Finnish companies Chempolis together with Fortum Bio2X are in the process to build an industrial size Biorefinery in Assam/North East India together with Indian oil company NRL.

The main output starting next year will be 50 kilo tons of 2nd Generation ethanol produced out of bamboo.

This ethanol will be mixed by NRL into petrol. By doing this, India reduces the use of crude oil. One biorefinery diminishes CO2 output by 500-800 kilo tons per year and improves simultaneously India’s national security of supply.

We create jobs and welfare for more than 30 thousand families in Assam.

Our technology is multi feedstock. We can utilize technically and economically almost all lignocellulosic materials. In addition to bamboo, we can convert sugarcane bagasse, wheat straw, rice straw, almost any agricultural residue. The functionality of a wide variety of feedstocks has been tested and secured in our pilot plant in Finland during a period of more than 25 years.

As parallel outputs we fraction other valuable products: Lignin, Furfural and Acetic Acid. The 90% feedstock yield enabled by our patented technology is exceptional.

We do offer our technology for further refineries in Assam as well as to India in general.

To make our clean technologies offering even more interesting we can apply it to produce pulp for textiles. CO2 emission reductions of such Biorefineries will be similar to ethanol plants.

It is well known that the textile industry is responsible for CO2 emissions bigger than the combined global sea and air traffic.

Something has thus to be done.

We are presently far in the process to investigate the commercial feasibility of a dissolving pulp refinery in Europe. In following steps India will also be considered seriously. There are several plants in our vision.

We must accelerate our combat against climate change. We must invest and we need governmental support.

Regulations and environmental processes must be Efficient, Predictable, and Stable.

India is presently the most interesting area to do business in in the world. You grow fast with +6,5% GDP, your Age Structure is healthy. You are the Biggest Democracy in the world with 1,3 bn people. This is 3 times bigger than Europe and 15 times bigger than Germany.

Our experience in India has been encouraging. We do have an excellent cooperation and support from our states. Indian Ambassador to Helsinki his Excellency Raveesh Kumar and Finnish Ambassador to New Delhi her Excellency Ritva Koukku-Ronde give us their full assistance.

This is important because implementation of Clean Technologies and Circular Economy require governmental support.

Chempolis has chosen India to be our home market.

It is a Privilege and an Honor for us to be here.

Thank you.