Chempolis Oy has broadened its service offerings by launching OPEN, the Oulu Piloting Enterprise. The concept of OPEN is to provide expert services in the field of industrial scale-up activities, particularly in the field of sustainable processes and products. OPEN’s purpose is to be the basis for those pioneering parties, who aim to change the industry using novel, revolutionary practices.

”The idea was not a breakthrough invention but rather an observation that we are already doing this work together with many parties. So, why not develop something bigger from that seed?” says Keijo Hytönen, the General Manager of the Oulu Site.

Building dedicated piloting systems is not feasible to a lot of businesses, and open access -based piloting facilities are required now more than ever. Additionally, in most cases the piloting itself is not enough. Up-scaling also requires comprehensive expert services and conceptual engineering; areas, where there are currently not enough service providers to provide the whole package in the same location.

“We are a service provider, together with our existing partners, who can provide the complete service portfolio in industrial up-scaling. Current trends related to individual investor decisions show that proof-of-concept is required: a great idea must still be tested on a sufficient level. For this, we have the facilities and systems as well as the expertise and an already existing network to support new partners in all stages of the project”, Hytönen elaborates.

An ecosystem that generates value to everyone

The services of OPEN are based on the same foundations, which have driven Chempolis forward for countless of years: state-of-the-art technology, unique expertise of personnel, tailor-made solutions and process scale-ups. These building blocks are the enablers in providing high-quality experimental work for different applications in different scales. The experimental work entails services from laboratory level all the way to piloting and pre-commercial scale phases, and they are offered to sustainable businesses of all sizes.

What is more, OPEN brings together companies and stakeholders from various areas of expertise. Thus, a network is created, where collaboration is built on commonly shared interests or commonly shared services between the parties. The growth of a holistic business ecosystem filled with diverse know-how and innovations is beneficial to all participants.

“It doesn’t matter whether one is a technology developer, product developer, service provider or equipment and system supplier. All of them still see that if we want to make a revolution instead of continuing the gradual evolution in industrial applications one must collaborate to both survive and shine. Sharing one’s expertise will not only add value to the other but also give value back. It’s a mutually benefiting relationship”, says Maija Rouhiainen, the R&D and Laboratory Director of Chempolis.

“In our OPEN concept it is not about Yes, I can do it. It is about Yes, we can do it.”


For further information, please contact:

Keijo Hytönen, General Manager Oulu Site, Chempolis Oy
Tel. +358 40 847 6529

Maija Rouhiainen, R&D & Laboratory Director, Chempolis Oy
Tel. +358 44 766 5665