Chempolis launches a web-based impact report to demonstrate how Chempolis’ biorefining technologies can solve the challenges the world is facing

Biorefining for a sustainable future

Chempolis, a renowned provider of ground-breaking biorefining technologies, has published an online impact report as co-operation with AskKauko. The report demonstrates how Chempolis’ biorefining technologies can solve the challenges the globe and the people all around the world are facing. Greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and particle emissions, also declining forest resources and shortage of food and water are topics that concerns us all now and the future years. We at Chempolis have been working over two decades to solve and to overcome these challenges.

Chempolis’ formico® technologies turn biomass into high-quality products profitably and responsibly. The impact report can be used to test and see in figures the effect that biorefineries built with Chempolis’ biorefining technologies can have on global problems. The impact report is interactive, and we welcome you all to take a tour and see the impact Chempolis’ biorefining technologies can have on the world.

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Chempolis is a renowned provider of groundbreaking biorefining technologies for energy, biofuel, oil, paper and chemical industries and companies. Chempolis’ biorefining processes are designed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize social benefits. Our green reach is global.

Chempolis’ technologies enable bioethanol, high quality pulps like dissolving pulp, cellulosic sugars, biochemicals and sulphur free lignin to be produced sustainably from all lignocellulosic raw materials. Our processes are fitted to use hardwood and softwood, non-wood and non-food biomasses such as straw, bagasse, corn stover, EFB and bamboo.


AskKauko is a Helsinki-based software startup that develops next-generation impact communications. Our purpose is to increase understanding of how to make the world more sustainable. AskKauko helps organisations driving sustainable change to engage their existing employees and attract new talent, as well as to increase both customer lifetime value and company valuation.

Impact Report, powered by AskKauko, is a responsive web application that utilises visually appealing, interactive and data-rich stories to increase the discoverability, use value and shareability of existing communications about the purpose of our customers’ ground-breaking work and their environmental, social and financial impacts.